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MCLICI International is a company that gives Business a new meaning to consultation. With our many years of experience in local and foreign business, we offer our consulting services to expand their current business needs. We offer our services to a broad industrial base that includes bookkeeping services on site or in our corporate office. We also offer solid financing solutions for multiple needs that business would require including Leasing or arranging of business loans. This service gives the businesses an opportunity to make easy monthly payments that will not tie up business capital.

All consulting services are available by contacting our office at  or 

Import/Export Advisory Service
ISO Certification Consultancy
Financial Services

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    Starter Package
    Website Optimization
    • Basic website checkup
    • SEO recommendations
    • Google Ads recommendations
    • W3C Validator recommendations
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    Business Optimization
    • Website checkup (W3C included)
    • SEO changes
    • Google Ads basic plan
    • Social Media plan
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    Complete Strategy
    • Website checkup (W3C included)
    • SEO changes
    • Google Ads marketing plan
    • Social Media marketing plan
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