ISO Certification Consultancy

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If your company has clients that require ISO Consultants in Canada, MCLICI International can provide consulting services for small and medium sized business in Canada that are looking to get ISO 9001:2015 Certified. The process of becoming ISO Certified to 9001:2015 requirements can be overwhelming and can take a great deal of time and personnel resources. We can assist you to ensure that you have the highest possibility of passing a Certification Audit.

Leasing and Financing

MCLICI can provide customized financing solutions to all types of business models.  These customized services can assist your business in many different areas of your financial needs and provide you with solutions that can free up your day-to-day capital.

Our team leverages their industry expertise along with MCLICI’s collective experience in management, business development, sales, operations, risk assessment, tax and accounting, legal matters, and asset management to achieve each organization’s professional development objectives.

investing in their employee’s growth and internal intellectual and asset capital, our clients are strengthening their organizations and enhancing customer service.

They are positioning themselves to compete effectively in today’s changing environment, reach sales goals with confidence, and enjoy greater productivity and efficiency without tying up valuable company capital. Listening carefully to the needs of each client, we deliver our customized services that make sense for your business.

MCLICI will analyze and compare how leasing or purchasing will affect the company’s bottom line. We will work with our clients to maximize production, office cost management and tax implications regardless of leasing or purchasing.

Bookkeeping Services

We have several ways we can help you better manage your financial records and transactions. We offer bookkeeping service at our office; we take pride in maintaining our customer’s privacy and we make sure records are stored in secure locations. Bookkeeping services and interim management services are offered on a per hour, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual and can be designed to fit your strategic business needs. Call us today for a free consultation on how we can help you manage your financial records.

MCLICI can provide the following services:

  • Creation of documentation, including Quality and Procedure Manuals and required Forms
  • Gap Assessments, Onsite or On-line Discovery
  • Preparation, Training and Implementation
  • Internal Auditor/Outsource Internal Audit
  • Arrange Registrar for Certification Audits
  • Management Reviews
  • Data Analysis
  • Process Control
  • Continual Improvement Methods

MCLICI International can also transition you to ISO 9001:2015 from older versions of ISO 9001 with a clear road map to align your current QMS with the updated ISO 9001:2015. We will work with you to implement these changes onsite or on-line in as little as 30 days.

Our Road Map for ISO 9001:2015 Certification is done in two parts,

First, we will guide your company in the development of a QMS system that aligns with all internal processes and procedures required to achieve compliance with iso 9001 consultant hourly rates:2015.

Second, we will connect you with a certification body, referred to as a “Registrar”, that will perform an audit to access compliance to the standards of ISO 9001:2015. This compliance must meet all requirements of the management system. Once a successful audit has been achieved, your company is granted a Certificate of compliance from the third-party Registrar. Your company will undergo surveillance audits annually thereafter for a period of 3 years according to the term of the Certificate after that your company will require re-certification.

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